About Art Outdoors

I’m Deborah Lee, and here is why I chose to focus on art outdoors:

Art has always been a source of pleasure, sustenance, and surprise for me. As an educator, museum volunteer and writer, I love to connect people with art. My particular passion lately is art outdoors, including statues, murals, public sculpture, and monuments. Maybe because such art was out there all the time, I used to tune it out. Then thanks to many mentors and reliable resources, I began to notice what I had missed before, for instance:

  • juicy stories about who created a local monument and why
  • fascinating features of a neighborhood mural
  • opportunities to interact with playful structures in a park.

My mission here is to fill in a few missing pieces that could add to family fun or to memorable moments in someone’s day. Whether or not the mission succeeds,  this site should help me structure my own records of art that I have enjoyed with friends and family members of all ages. So far my photos and notes refer to art in the Boston area, where I live.  Yet I hope they will relate somehow to what you might experience wherever you are now on earth.


  1. Hey Deb, this is really nice! Thanks so much for setting up a site where others who can’t be there , but would like to be, can sense the fun and enjoyment you had being there! Please keep it up! with love, bec

  2. Dear Sister,
    Thank you for understanding my goals and actively encouraging me!
    Love and gratitude,

  3. Bernard Gurman · · Reply

    All good stuff. I most liked the duck family, Logjam, and the picture of the large fan-like outdoor installation. You have a great eye. Thanks.

  4. Brad Gurman · · Reply

    Great stuff from you, as usual, It is always a delight to read your new/and old comments re; several installations w. various perspectives. Thanks

  5. What a great resource your bog is. I would like to add you to our friends of Women’s History email list. Please pass along our email list. Thanks. Michelle Jenney, President of Boston Women’s Heritage Trail

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