Visitors Participate in Annual Outdoor Sculpture Show at Maudslay State Park

Maudslay Show October  2010 007

Visitors explore temporary art at Maudslay,2010

Every autumn since 1998 for just a few weeks, Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, MA has been the site of a great array of temporary sculpture that engages visitors of all ages. Responding to a decided theme, local artists plan, create, and install pieces that visitors may touch and sometimes creatively alter according to the artist’s directions. For background and photos of art produced in recent shows, you can explore the following site for Sculpture at Maudslay.

The  photos  below come from visits with family and friends during the past five years. In the captions I  have tried to identify the artists whose works appear in the photos. I would appreciate any additions and corrections to the information.

Photos from 2009 Theme: “Found”

Photos from 2010 Theme: “Trace”

Photos from 2011 Theme: “Play”

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