Another Way to Explore Art on the Greenway

Greenway new 037

Four Installations for the Design Biennial Boston



Besides looking up at sculptured sheep, aerial art, and a seventy-foot tall mural, you can also explore art at ground level on the Greenway. The four pieces selected for the Design Biennial allow you to get close, all around, and, for two, even inside. These four award winners came in mid-July, and they’ll go in late September (9/25). They will give back pleasure and new perspectives for any time you can give them. They will connect wonderfully with the art above you and also with the gardens, buildings, and beings along the Greenway.

 Inside and outside views of Grove by GLD Architecture  


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I’m posting now with photos and resources to get the word out. But I hope to have more to show after a few more visits, before the final days of these fascinating additions to the Greenway.

Lo-Fab by  MASS Design Group, after dark



BSA Space     current exhibit about Design Biennial

2015 Design Biennial Boston Background and map

Design Biennial Brings Four Architectural Installations to the Greenway by Olga Khvan

City of Boston page about Design Biennial

See the Rose Kennedy Greenway for the 2015 Design Biennial Boston, text by Hannah Martin

The Four Award Winners and their Websites

Christina Parreño Architecture

GLD Architecture

Landing Studio

MASS Design Group

Three Installations Share a Field



  1. Sandra Levy Krem · · Reply

    What talent there is to see through the eyes of the camera. I really loved them all, especially the “Cat In The Cradle” Thank you Debra for sharing,
    sandy Levy krem


  2. […] in Dewey Square Park. You have one final week to interact with four intriguing installations of the Design Biennial Boston. Meanwhile Janet Echelman’s aerial sculpture will be up for barely one more month. Autumn […]


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