No longer standing

Still Learning To See

Those who visit here know I love trees—touching them, learning about them, planting them, and, of course, photographing them—not, by the way, an easy task. I recently had a chance to look through my library and select some interesting images of trees that are no longer standing and thought I’d share them here.

Beavers, of course, depend on trees that are no longer standing, both for food—the cambium layer of the bark—as well as for branches to build their dams and dens with. This tree was recently felled and is in the very active process of being converted to food and building material.

A very different scale from the last image and a great distance away, this is a large Baobab tree in Botswana that, while still standing, will end up prematurely dead. The cause was repeated “tusking” by elephants who both mark their territory as well as…

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