Daniel Chester French Trail in Concord, MA

An exhibit of work by sculptor Daniel Chester French at the Concord Museum has generated a map of key sites in Concord, MA that relate to the work and life of this significant artist. The highly informative exhibit is up through March 23, 2014, but most sites on the trail will continue to offer important art or context long after the exhibit closes. Among these are the Minute Man Statue in its National Historical Park  and “Mourning Victory” featured in the Melvin Memorial at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

You can download the  map  here or from the museum’s link and read the descriptive paragraphs to get an idea of the museum exhibit as well as each stop on the trail.

Download a printable version of Concord’s Daniel Chester French Trail (PDF).


Minute Man statue at Minute Man National Historical Park

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

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