John Osorio-Buck, Artist with Crickets at Home Depot House

At deCordova on a sunny chilly Friday afternoon at the end of February, I got to see how John Osorio-Buck has transformed Home Depot House. For this artist it has become a space to study,raise, harvest, prepare, and serve crickets, but only until Sunday afternoon,  March 9.  I’m posting now to alert  people  to this fascinating but brief opportunity  before it ends. (Soon after that another artist, Thomas Willis, will transform the space once more. ) For background about Home Depot House, read my earlier post, Indoors Outdoors, Home Depot House. 
If you visit Home Depot House  while  John Osorio-Buck is there, he might offer you a chocolate-covered cricket. Whether you accept that delicacy or not, the artist has much more to offer, including
  1. experience and immediate evidence of raising crickets
  2. ecological rationales for harvesting crickets and other insects
  3. additional cricket-based nibbles and treats
  4. tested recipes such as “chocolate-chirp cookies”
  5. enhanced outdoor audio of cricket sounds
  6. open discussion and readiness to answer any questions you might have about numerous other projects he has initiated and carried out

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For images and information about many related projects implemented by John Osorio-Buck, see the project section of his website. Several of the projects address issues of sustainability and involve building dwellings or other structures for community use.

For more background about raising and harvesting insects worldwide, read Edible Insects: future prospects for food and feed security, a resource booklet from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.

Exciting update, March 6: article by Greg Cook  from WBUR’s ARTery:

Prefer Your Bugs Fried, Roasted Or Mashed? Artist Offers Taste Of Food’s Future


A speaker near the roof of Home Depot House carries the sound of chirping crickets from indoors out to the winter air. I have recorded video clips with their audio, but I’m still learning how to make them audible in this post. If you go, be sure to look up and listen for their music. 

I consider this a post-in-progress that would greatly benefit from comments with observations, information, connections, or questions from everyone, whether you have been able to visit or not.  Your perspective will greatly help me augment, update, and refine the post in the coming weeks.  Thank you very much!

Looking forward, Deb  Lee

Update from Saturday, March 8 visit  with friends:

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  2. Nicki Bibbo · · Reply

    John has made a most intriguing contribution to deCordova’s Biennial show. His exhibit is an amazing blend of art, science, and culinary. What a treasure for our community!


  3. As a volunteer guide at deCordova, I wholeheartedly agree with Nicki!


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