Huge and High above Us, Daffodils by Daniele Frazier Activate Seaport Common

Another Time-Limited Opportunity, through April 29 in Boston Public Art: “20 Knots: Daffodils for Boston”

  • Quick Post Now in Time for the Boston Marathon and April Vacation Plans

 “In a celebratory nod to the Boston Marathon and the arrival of Spring, Seaport commissioned artist Daniele Frazier to create twenty larger than life daffodils that shape shift with the wind and soar at 20 feet tall. … This creative work elevates the symbolism behind the daffodil – a flower that not only serves as an expression of springtime, new beginnings, and hope, but one that has also become synonymous with the Boston Marathon and Boston Strong through the work of the Marathon Daffodils.” (quote from Boston Seaport report)

“20 knots (about 23 miles per hours) is the ideal wind speed for this work’s activation.” ( quote from note about the project from Daniele Frazier’s website

 “I think it’ll be sort of emotional, because from my experience making these before, they sort of feel alive, because it highlights the element of the wind. This piece doesn’t work without the wind, without this uncontrollable ingredient. ..” (Daniele Frazier quoted in article about Daffodils in Seaport)

Key Resources

Daniele Frazier website

 “Larger Than Life Daffodils..” Boston Globe 3/28/19

20 Knots: Daffodils for Boston, SEAPORT

Views through art by Okudo San Miguel on Seaport Boulevard

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  1. Brad Gurman · · Reply

    Deb, The next time I stop in Boston, if.. You will have to give me a guided tour of “your” outside art.


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