Changing Art along the Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston

One Mural Replaced by Another

After months of meticulous, precarious preparations and almost a year of controversial display, one enormous mural gave  way to another.

Brazilian twin brothers Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo created the 70′ x 70′ temporary mural in conjunction with an exhibit of their collaborative art at he Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston in the autumn of 2012. These two artists are known as Os Gemeos, which means twins in Portuguese. Yellow skin and colorful costumes are common to several characters they have created in other parts of the world.

The link here includes a video of the artists at work on the mural, as well as photos and background about their process. Rose Kennedy Greenway

For more information about their exhibit at the Institue of Contemporary Art, select the following link.  Os Gemeos  

For a summary and positive perspective on responses to the mural, read the Boston Globe Opinion piece by Jon Garelick. ” The Gemeos Mural One Year Later”

As scheduled, in September 2013  a new temporary mural by artist Matthew Ritchie replaced the one by the Brazilan team, Os Gemeos. Next year another mural by a third artist or artist team will then replace Ritchie’s. This is in keeping with a five-year plan for a series of murals at the same site.

Click radio station WBUR Artery article for images of Ritchie’s mural in progress and interview with the artist in September 2013. After that is a link to photo-rich news about the completed work soon afterward.

Artery: Matthew Ritchie , New Greenway Mural


  1. Tina Gram · · Reply

    Thanks Deb. I regretted there was not more of your writing. I have some suggestions about format (since you ask for feedback) but I can discuss it with you when I see you. In the meantime, looking forward to your next post!

    1. Thanks very much, Tina. I will look forward to your suggestions. Also, I could still do more writing about the murals, especially if you raise questions or issues for me to address. I do plan to write more about art in other parts of the Rose Kennedy Greenway that you had introduced to me. Best,

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