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Calder Stabile Stands Tall in Cambridge

Since 1965, Alexander Calder’s forty-foot-tall dark, handsome stabile* called La Grande Voile (The Big Sail) has stood on MIT’s campus within view of the Charles River, livened by small white sleek sails in certain seasons. Why now after nearly fifty years in Cambridge does this mighty metal sculpture call for new attention from someone like […]

Outdoor Sculpture Unleashes Power in Exhibit at Wellesley College

TONY MATELLI: New Gravity at the Davis Museum, February 6 – July 20, 2014   Lured by curiosity about controversial art on campus, I wouldn’t wait for better weather. That seemed so for other visitors too. The lively atmosphere and the great guidance of a Wellesley graduate increased my urge to share the fun and […]

Changing Art along the Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston

One Mural Replaced by Another After months of meticulous, precarious preparations and almost a year of controversial display, one enormous mural gave  way to another. Brazilian twin brothers Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo created the 70′ x 70′ temporary mural in conjunction with an exhibit of their collaborative art at he Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston […]

Historic and Current Art at Chesterwood

The Art of Daniel Chester French Shares Grounds with Contemporary Art Chesterwood in Stockbridge, MA was the home and workplace of sculptor Daniel Chester French (1850—1931), known for his creative work on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC and other monumental art in the United States.  Now Chesterwood is a  National Trust historic site, where  French’s […]