High-Priority Aerial Art above Greenway

It’s high time for Art Outdoors to note this spectacular sky sculpture by Janet Echelman. The artist has titled her wondrous work “As If It Were Already Here,” and I want as many people as possible to visit before the fleeting, floating fabric feat is not here anymore. Take-down is scheduled for mid-October, or earlier if necessary.

If you can get into Boston in the next few months, make sure to see this monumental public art above the South-Station end of the Rose Kennedy Greenway. If the location is part of your regular commute, you get to see how light and weather change your view through days, months, and seasons.

Photos with excerpts from descriptions on Echelman’s website

After my one visit, a bit before the work was officially celebrated on May 11, I vowed to keep a monthly chronicle of return visits* for myself, with updates to this post when pertinent. For now I’ll simply share links to good sources of information including articles, interviews and more dramatic, revealing visuals than I can offer directly.

*Photos from night visit in early August

Text added August 17: So far I have gone back three times at night. The first two felt and looked spectacular, but my photos were dim blurry versions of the views overhead. On the third visit, my camera settings seemed more effective and closer to the intensity and variation of the colors. I’m posting these to keep my promise, but my next promise should be links to truly impressive photographs by people who know the capabilities of their cameras. One such site is a map with ongoing updated photos:

Loupe viewer with map: site to uploaded photos:http://echelman.loupe.cc/

Another promise I should keep is to add links to videos (not mine) that convey the flow and rhythm as the materials respond constantly to air currents and breezes. Videos can document how spaces, shapes, lines and colors change subtly or suddenly.  Certainly it’s best to be there, lean back in a chair or lie on the lawn to absorb what’s happening in the whole park setting.

Night Vignettes

New update, September 3: Photo Contest:

Greenway Conservancy & Studio Echelman Announce Photography Contest (to enter by October 7)

As If It Were Already Here has easily become the most photographed – and Instagrammed – piece of public art in Boston in several years. We are now hoping to feature the ‘Best of the Best’ pictures of this stunning sculpture.

-excerpt from post on Life on the Greenway bloghttp://blog.rosekennedygreenway.org/2015/08/27/greenway-conservancy-announces-photography-contest/

Newer Update, September 21, with information about special closing celebrations in October:

Special Greenway eNews:
All Public Art Edition!

On Friday, October 9 from 4p-7p, join us for the HUBweek Block Party, sponsored by IdeaPaint, with music, beer/wine for sale, an interactive art experience and more! Then head over to the sculpture for the Greenway Echelman Sculpture Closing Celebration from 7p-9p for a special, one-time viewing opportunity and more!

Links to Information and Images  

Rose Kennedy Greenway comprehensive page about the work: Janet Echelman’s Aerial Sculpture over the Greenway:http://www.rosekennedygreenway.org/visit/public-art/janet-echelman/

Loupe viewer with map: site to uploaded photos:http://echelman.loupe.cc/

Architecture News article,  Janet Echelman Suspends Massive Aerial Sculpture Over Boston’s Greenway : http://www.archdaily.com/627124/janet-echelman-suspends-massive-aerial-sculpture-over-boston-s-greenway/

First six minutes of Open Studio focus on new public art for the Rose Kennedy Greenway, including interview with Janet Echelman:http://www.wgbh.org/programs/Open-Studio-With-Jared-Bowen-2162

“As If It Were Already Here,” on Janet Echelman’s websitehttp://www.echelman.com/project/boston-greenway/

The Artery WBUR story audio, print and  visuals:http://artery.wbur.org/2015/05/05/janet-echelman-rose-kennedy-greenway

 Up in the Air and Down on the Ground

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  1. Sharon · · Reply

    Really fascinating! Like looking through bubbles. I was totally unaware that this was here, and now I’m definitely going to go take a look. Thanks so much!


    1. Thanks, Sharon, for declaring your fascination. That encourages me to keep posting about what’s happening over and on the Greenway.


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  5. […] four intriguing installations of the Design Biennial Boston. Meanwhile Janet Echelman’s aerial sculpture will be up for barely one more month. Autumn light and air affect the sway and shimmer of the […]


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