Well Worth Walking on the Greenway this week


The middle of September is a time to capture changes on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. You get to see how one more gigantic mural replaces another on the great wall in Dewey Square Park. You have one final week to interact with four intriguing installations of the Design Biennial Boston. Meanwhile Janet Echelman’s aerial sculpture will be up for barely one more month. Autumn light and air affect the sway and shimmer of the complex strands against the shifting sky. The changing colors, textures, and aromas of the Greenway gardens enhance a sense of art in transition.


The aerial sculpture, mural, and design biennial installations highlight a portion of the full stretch on the Greenway. The rest is also rich in points of interest for anyone who wants to walk the length or focus on a part. For example, here are two.

 Harbor Fog Sculpture by Ross Miller

The Greenway Carousel designed by Jeff Briggs

The Greenway Carousel is open daily until October 12; after that, it’s open weekends (Fridays-Sundays) until December 20. The Rose Kennedy Greenway website has information about art in each of its many parks and an overview of its public art as well. The parks are there throughout the seasons, but early autumn is an especially attractive time to explore!

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