Chesterwood and the Mount, Current Sculpture at Historic Homes


The fast pace of public art in Boston this summer led me to lose track of special outdoor art events in Western Massachusetts. Whether or not I get to them, I want to name two now.

  1. The Boston Sculptors Gallery at Chesterwood, “new works by 24 members and alumni of Boston Sculptors Gallery, created in response to sources of inspiration found by the artists at Chesterwood.” <quote from Chesterwood website>
  2. SculptureNow (28x26x50, Sculpture, Culture&Nature) at the Mount, “an exhibition of contemporary outdoor sculptures, featuring 28 pieces by 26 nationally acclaimed artists on 50 acres of beautiful, historic land.” <quote from the Mount website>

My priority is to maximize opportunities for everyone to enjoy art directly, so the point of posting now is to get you to go there if you can. Don’t wait for an overdue report from me!


Similar Qualities

Both exhibits site contemporary sculpture in lovely landscapes of historic homes.Their buildings and grounds originated through creative collaborative planning by artists of earlier centuries. Both historic sites have formal gardens as well as inspiring, flexible woodland areas where artists or curators have chosen to temporarily place their 21st-century art. Both the Mount and Chesterwood are near Exit 2 of the Mass Pike (I- 90). Visits to both places could be packed into one very full day or one more leisurely weekend in the Berkshires.


                                 – photos from the SculptureNow listing for Show 2015
Different Qualities

The homes of sculptor Daniel Chester French and author Edith Wharton reflect the unique visions and purposes of the noted artists who shaped them. By now French’s Chesterwood and Wharton’s Mount each have additional histories as centers for various art forms and arts education. The exhibits themselves reflect different approaches too. The Boston Sculptors Gallery artists produced work in response to the studio, summer home, gardens or wooded paths of Daniel Chester French’s estate. Meanwhile SculptureNow, a Berkshire-based organization, has selected from an international range of sculptors to show at the Mount or other local sites from year to year. The show at Chesterwood runs through October 12; the one at the Mount ends October 31, along with culminating Halloween spirit events.

Reasons to Return


After my own memorable visits to exhibits at The Mount and Chesterwood two years ago, I certainly hope to see both places again this October. Without question, their predictable and surprising elements will impress me.


Essential Resources



Boston Sculptors Gallery at Chesterwood 2015

Boston Sculptors Gallery


  1. Thanks, Deb! Both places look really interesting! October would be a beautiful month to go.


  2. Judy Fosdick · · Reply

    Deb, thank you for reminding me of these two marvelous places and their current exhibits. I am checking my calendar to see if I can make the trip to Chesterwood before the 12th– maybe. Would love to do it.


  3. Bernard Gurman · · Reply

    Cannot make it this year, but will try for next.


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