Pleasures of Playful Perspectives: Art by Mark Reigelman and Meredith James on the Greenway

Enlightened and excited by both artists’  presentations* on September 26, I ‘m  posting quickly now, just in case you can plan to go before their temporary exhibits vanish October 7 (Reigelman) and October 8 (James). Later on, I’ll hope to trade perspectives in the interactive spirit of these engaging forms of art.      *as part of the Playful Perspectives exhibition on the Greenway

Here are resources from the Greenway website that will give background and locations for the two artworks and other intriguing work along the way between them. Click on red text for links.  Captions of photos above and below are excerpted quotes from the artists’ statements. 

“The Meeting House,” Mark Reigelman  

Far from this setting in which I now find myself,”  Meredith James  

For a guide to other public art on the Greenway and a map, click here.


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