Temporary Artworks by Adria Arch and Frank Vasello Connect Trees and People

If trees along the Minuteman Bikeway could talk, what would they say about the two most recent Arlington Public Art installations? I think they would say thank you for the respectful attention they’ve been given by artists Adria Arch (“Ripple”and  Frank Vasello (“Current”). As a person passing along the Bikeway, I truly thank both artists for engaging me with the enduring structures and distinct qualities among trees. At the same time, I relish the marvelous patterns created by human hands and minds. I want to look longer, return often, and urge others to visit these artworks too.

Here are a few facts, quotes, links and photos that fit with what I learned from artists Adria Arch and Frank Vasello, as well as Arlington’s Public Art Consultant Cecily Miller at the Fox Library/13Forest Gallery event on Saturday, October 21.

“Ripple” by Adria Arch and the Arlington Knitting Brigade

“The installation is temporary and will be on view for six months. Because the colorful sleeves are made from acrylic yarn, the work will survive rain and snow without damage. Curator and public art manager Cecily Miller plans to keep “Ripple” up through spring, so that visitors can enjoy it as the seasons transform the natural landscape bordering the bikeway.” ( This statement and captions of my photos above are quoted from Ripples of Peace to Flow Out on Bikeway,  article by Bob Sprague.)

“Current” by Frank Vasello

Nothing holds it together, it just kind of is,” he [Vasello] said. Despite this, the pieces stay together for a while in their environment. A previous piece he constructed in the Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston lasted for three years. Vasello will return to the Spy Pond site occasionally to check on the piece and will tidy it up in the spring if the winter shifts anything.”(This statement and captions of my photos above are quoted from Environmental art installed along the Minuteman Bikeway, article by Abbi Matheson. )

Reflecting on my recent efforts to post about temporary artwork, my immediate goal should be to let people know quickly so they can go themselves if possible. My own revisits and slow processing might lead to a more personal, precise presentation in the form of a follow-up post later on. That can be phase 2. This post is phase 1, so you’ll know what is there before it isn’t.

Valuable Resources, including those quoted:

Adria Arch artist’s website

Arlington’s Pathways by Megan Gregory for Big Red and Shiny 10/3/2017

Arlington Public Art  Pathways: Art on the Bikeway

Environmental art installed along the Minuteman Bikeway by Abbi Matheson for Wicked Local Lexington, 10/25/2017

Frank Vasello Artist’s Statement for Forest Hills Educational Trust: Exhibitions and Sculpture

Ripples of Peace to Flow Out on Bikeway by Bob Sprague for Your Arlington.Com, updated 10/ 1/ 2017 

13Forest Gallery: News: Outside/In

Where arts, culture take root and thrive by Sophie Eppolito for Boston Globe, 9/29/2017



  1. Judy Fosdick · · Reply

    Deb, I appreciate your art outdoors explorations. Each one entices and begs me to get out and see it. Even if I don’t get to each one, I feel I have had a snapshot visit through your posts. Your photos of Ripple and Current are delightful teases.There may be a trip to the Minuteman Bikeway to see this intriguing, art-covered landscape. Thanks so much for keeping me informed about art outdoors! Judy Fosdick


  2. Sharon McBride · · Reply

    Two very intriguing outdoor installations. This Arlington walk looks like fun! Thanks, Deb! Sharon


    1. Thank you, Judy, for your encouraging response to my enthusiasm for sharing what I enjoy about these installations and other art outdoors!


    2. Thank you, Sharon. Yes, the walk was fun and will be when I go again, I think!


  3. […] posting about two temporary art installations, “Ripple” and “Current,” in early autumn, I planned to revisit them at least once each month to see how they would survive […]




  5. These are really wonderful. I wish we had something like this in Newport RI where I live! Thanks for sharing, Deb.



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