Make Eye Contact Many Times with “We the People II,” New Greenway Mural by Mia Cross in Boston near Chinatown

In October I had read about the Greenway mural in progress on the Lincoln Street Triangle. Fortunately, I got there while the artist Mia Carollo Cross and her father were about to finish up the month-long project in the last hour of good daylight!  I spoke with Mia briefly about my interest in the process of creating murals and then began to photograph her, the materials, tools, and art.

Mia’s artist statement on the Greenway website gives an excellent explanation of the planning, thought and ongoing interactions throughout the mural’s progress. Some excerpts from her statement are below and in captions too. Also her website and her Instagram posts offer energy and connection to her range of artwork. 

“Over the course of a month while creating this mural, I approached all types of strangers, asked to photograph their eyes, and then painted them along this 140-foot span. Through this simple act, my intention was to reflect the diverse community of downtown Boston.”

” A person’s gaze is so powerful– and can often say more than a mouth. Because the mural is located in a busy commuter space, and is viewed by many from a distance, my goal was to use the intensity of staring eyes to immediately slow people down, creating a pause in their routine while they are sandwiched between two whirling streets. “

“Don’t be afraid to get up close. I encourage you to explore the full length of the wall from parking lot to crosswalk!”

Tracking the mural from Essex Street intersection along Lincoln Street toward C-Mart

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The slideshow is mostly from my visit two weeks later, November 11, but I hope to return a few times more and post again with greater perspective while the mural is still up, throughout 2018.   

Resources to Enjoy (click on red text)

Article from Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy  for North End Oct. 4

Currently on the Greenway: Mia Cross We the People II, 2017 Artist Statement and video of mural in progress

Kawandeep Virdee: Artist statement for prior mural on the same site 

Mia Cross artist website

Mia Cross Instagram: MiaXart

We the People painting

Mapquest directions (to CMart Supermarket on Lincoln Street)

Leather District 



  1. Sandy BLANK · · Reply

    What a beautiful use for an up to now wasted space!


  2. What a beautiful comment about the mural! Thank you!


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