Murals by Silvia López Chavez: Uplifting Connections

IMG_2370 Joy Lopez Chavez Ruggles

Starting with one of the newest of many murals by Silvia López Chavez, I want to share some images, notes, and rich resources that convey my enthusiasm for her art and process. For the three murals in this post, as well as plenty more, the artist’s website includes excellent photos that document stages of her work and inspiring stories related to the art.

Ruggles MBTA Entrance  mural: ‘Joy’ (completed May 2019)

“Mural commission by Northeastern University at the entrance of the MBTA Ruggles Train Station in Boston. The piece overtook the large arch and facade of the entrance, connecting the wall visually to another mural created in front of Centennial Park.” (quote from Silvia Lopez Chavez website   This description continues with an enlightening paragraph explaining the significance of blowing bubbles! )

Northeastern Centennial Park mural: ‘999 Cranes’ (completed May 2018)

“The focal point is a pair of hands holding a paper crane, a reference to the ancient Japanese legend promising eternal happiness to anyone who folds 1,000 such origami models. …“It’s about fulfilling your dreams and how you go about creating your future,” says López Chavez, who took a short break from painting on Thursday to reflect on her work.” (quote from article by Jason Kornwitz for Northeastern News, May 14, 2018)

 Esplanade mural: ‘Patterned Behavior’ (completed September 2017)

“Commissioned by the Esplanade Association and curated and produced by Now + There, Patterned Behavior takes inspiration from The Esplanade’s immediate environment, and the many ways this space is enjoyed and used day-to-day. It reflects on the relationships and patterns created by the human interaction with the space and the busy intersection of water, land and sky.” ( quote from description of  this mural on artist’s website)

I volunteered through Now+There on some simple tasks for this mural two years ago and then posted excitedly on Art Outdoors. The photos here in this post are current, and confirm how reliably the art has survived eight seasons, still enhancing the experience for people at whatever speed they move along this well-traveled path!

IMG_2425 Patterned Behavior July 2019

Key Resources

Silvia López Chavez website

Now+There website

Public Art at Northeastern



  1. Linda Coyne · · Reply

    DEB, these are gorgeous! Thank you for showing them to us. I don’t believe any of these were mentioned in the recent Globe story on outdoor art.


  2. Abigail · · Reply

    These are beautiful – thanks for sharing!


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