Titles of Sculptures Signal Ways to See Them: Falling Man by Douglas Kornfeld, Resurgence by David Kasman

Two sculptures near my house meant more than ever to me on January 20, 2021, with the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Maybe just the images are enough to explain my emotions, but I might find words, or you might add them, to affirm how directions make a difference at critical moments. Meanwhile here are some photos and facts.

David Kasman’s ten-foot-tall bronze dancer in Resurgence has balanced outside the Jose Mateo Ballet Theater on Harvard Street in Cambridge since 2011.

Douglas Kornfeld‘s painted stainless steel Falling Man ( 10’x5’x5′) was first installed on my street in the fall of 2020.

David Kasman’s website offers a fascinating account of the process of creating Resurgence and presents images of impressive paintings and other sculptures. (links in red type)

Doug Kornfeld‘s website includes a page of great photos of Falling Man plus numerous other exciting sculptures, with his compelling accounts of creating Public Art. (links in red type) I hope to post again with other samples of his public art.

Both artworks expertly animate the suspense of bodies in space and time. When I next visit Falling Man and Resurgence, I probably won’t take more photos, but I will take in more evidence that art adds meaning to our days.

The piece honors Jose Mateo, the founder of Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre and provides a spiritual, uplifting symbol that welcomes people to the historic, Old Cambridge Baptist Church.” ( excerpt quote from David Kasman‘s Artist Comments)

An artwork must challenge us with questions not soothe us with simple answers. Public art must be more than a decorative embellishment, it must imbue poetry.”( excerpt quote from Douglas Kornfeld’s Artist Statement)


  1. Beautiful and timely juxtapositioning! Brava!


  2. Sharon McBride · · Reply

    Earlier this week on one of my rambling walks, I passed by Falling Man. Its meaning for me shifts, depending on the angle that I look at it. And depending also on the season. Snow on the sculpture makes for such a fascinating contradiction. And I always like visiting the statue honoring Jose Mateo — it inspires me with its beauty and strength –something we all need these days!
    Thanks for reminding me of these treasures in my own neighborhood.


    1. Thank you, Sharon, for adding perspective that enriches this post and encourages me to keep posting!


  3. Dear Deb,
    Thanks for continuing to do this. I hope you are well and staying safe. All is well here.


  4. Thank you for your encouraging words and reassuring info!


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