Cheer for Changes in One Tree through Several Holidays and Seasons

Here is my record of seasonal decorations in the front yard of a historical house near me in Cambridge: William James House at 95 Irving Street. Most of the photos here focus on the tree and fence, though the steps, porch, and roof have also been transformed for several holidays. This post mainly keeps track of the leaves, blossoms, lawn, and snowfall as they interact with holiday shapes and colors people placed within the landscape.

February 2021

March 2021: For middle photo, the blue historic marker near the gate reads:  William James  (1842-1910) the American philosopher and psychologist lived in this house from 1889 -1910. 

April 2021

May 2021

October 2021

Just a glimpse of other holiday props at this location

December 2021

Added Perspective: May 2021 (focus on dogwood blossoms) and January 2022 (Julie Shaw’s photo of reflections in close view of ball ornament)

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  1. Heli Meltsner · · Reply

    Thank you Ms. Lee for all your posts. I so enjoy them and learn so much. Bravo.

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