Artists Kayla Myers and TECHNI Energize Art-Making for Zone 3 Community Sketchbook

Early in the afternoon of art activities for Zone 3 Community Sketchbook on July 16 in Allston, I photographed people of all ages engaged in adding to the very long stretch of inviting open wall. Two days later I came by again. Awed by the art that had been accomplished in one weekend, I couldn’t wait to share the impressive results. Here are selected photos, links, quotes, and notes to convey how this new phase of creativity in Zone 3 came to be.

Kicking off with a full day event on Saturday, July 16, Boston-area artists Kayla Myers (aka GOLDLEMONS) and Christian Rodriguez (aka TECHNI), will lead the community through a number of hands-on art making activities that will contribute to two 100ft large-scale projects, aiming to keep the publicly accessible green space bright and active all summer long. “(quote from Zone 3 Community Sketchbook description of events, July 16)

“During this workshop, people will learn about the proper technique and process of wheatpasting. Kayla will print large-scale drawn illustrations of iconic area buildings. Individuals will work together to apply buildings to the wall. Once dry, the buildings will become the base for a community collage. Participants will be invited to embellish the streetscape with collage, paint, and more.” (quote from Zone 3 Community Sketchbook description of events, July 16)

Techni’s signature robots serve as protectors and an outlet to tell stories of being a modern human juxtaposed with the organic flower figures surrounding it. In this workshop the artist will paint a giant robot bust to ground the wall mural. Visitors will get to work alongside Techni to plant (paint) the flowers using a variation of stencils and colored spray paint.” (quote from Zone 3 Community Sketchbook description of events, July 16)

After 5 wonderful years with the installation WE ALL illuminating The Grove, located at the intersection of Western Ave and N. Harvard Street, we are introducing the next iteration of inclusive public art. The Zone 3 Community Sketchbook, a program created in collaboration with Harvard University Planning and Design, will reimagine the space as a new community asset where people can gather to learn new skills and express themselves artistically.” (quote from Zone 3 Community Sketchbook description of events, July 16)

Photos from Monday, July 18, 2022

TECHNI’s project, July 18

“Inspired by life and robots, Christian “TECHNI” Rodriguez is known for his bold black & white and primitive style of painting. He is a Brooklyn-born Lawrence resident whose artwork is a manifestation of his soul.”(quote from Zone 3 Community Sketchbook description of events, July 16)

Kayla Myers is a Boston-born artist with a concentration in painting and illustration. Through her expressive painting, she simultaneously embraces and rejects gentrification in lower to middle class communities of color. Not only does her art display a courageous act of vulnerability, her work contains an architectural quality with a stylistic approach to sketching. Kayla is moved by the importance of developing inspiration from her environment while documenting and preserving.“(quote from Zone 3 Community Sketchbook description of events, July 16)

“Since 2015, the Zone 3 initiative has transformed a cluster of formerly under-utilized spaces along Western Ave in Allston into a vibrant hub of creativity and active space for community engagement. These efforts continue through a range of on-going programs, events, retail pop-ups, and impactful public art installations. “ ( quote from Zone 3 overview)

Links to Resources

Zone 3

Zone 3 Community Sketchbook

Kayla Myers

Christian “TECHNI” Rodriguez

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