Art and Time on the Greenway: Year of the Dog, We the People II, Spaces of Hope, Balancing Act I and II

Tour Temporary Art by Risa Puno, Mia Cross, Mehdi Ghadyanloo, and Aakash Nihalani

[All photo captions below are excerpted from artist statements on Greenway site.]

This final Friday in April, Greenway Art Ambassadors will lead a one-hour tour of phenomenal public art. The tour includes four engaging works of art, each within minutes of the next. All four are temporary; all four will likely be gone by next April, though new temporary art will take their places.

These current four have given me such valued visits, I’m hoping for still more time with each. I’m posting now to alert you to the tour before it’s over and to give basic background about the artists, their art and my appreciation of their time.

Greenway Public Art Tour, April 27, noon

Art Ambassadors

Risa Puno: Year of the Dog,  Chinatown Park

Time to Touch, Turn, Think, Talk

Risa Puno artist website

Mia Cross: We the People II

Time to Follow Faces, Fruits, and Featured Eyes

 Mia Cross artist website

Make Eye Contact Many Times with “We the People II”

Mehdi Ghadyanloo: Spaces of Hope

Time to Track the Climb from Ground to Sky

Mehdi Ghadyanloo artist website 

A Welcome Wall: Mural by Mehdi Ghadyanloo on Greenway Now

Aakash Nihalani: Balancing Act, I and II

Time to Walk or Run Around the Whole

Aakash Nihalani artist website


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