Uplifting Updates, Thanks to Boston Women’s Heritage Trail and Boston Art Commission

At the end of my self-assigned project of posting about women artists on Public Art Walk, I began to wonder how I could better share the fascinating discoveries that came from it.  After listing the artists and my posts on a blog page last month, I wished for some ways to convey what I had learned beyond my own small base of friends, colleagues, and family.  Now two organizations are doing what I wished for:

Boston Women’s Heritage Trail

“Since its founding, The Boston Women’s Heritage Trail (BWHT) has worked to restore women to their rightful place in the history of Boston and in the school curriculum by uncovering, chronicling, and disseminating information about the women who have made lasting contributions to the City of Boston.” (quote from History, Boston Women’s Heritage Trail )

The BWHT website now includes  Recognizing the Women Behind the Work which notes my project in connection with their review of Boston’s memorials, monuments, and other forms of public art. In addition, Women Represented on Public Art Walk Boston is listed under Trails on their page of Boston History Links. Most exciting to me now is the opportunity to help develop a BWHT tour that highlights public art by women.

Boston Art Commission

“The BAC advocates for the creation of innovative and transformative art and promotes its accessibility to enrich the lives of Boston’s diverse citizens and visitors.” (quote from Mission Statement of Boston Art Commission)

Public Art Walk is a program of the BAC.  My project was structured and continually informed by the key visuals and background for 100 sites on the Public Art Walk map,  accessible and downloadable from their site. The outcome of my focus on women artists is now accessible from their site and downloadable as a concise pdf:  Women Artists Represented on Public Art Walk Boston.  Each of the twenty-two women listed there is linked to related background on Public Art Walk as well as to specific posts about them on Art Outdoors.

My Perspective

When I first set out to learn more about women who created public art, I did not realize the project would take me to so many gratifying exchanges with individuals and organizations.  Thanks to everyone who has responded positively to my posts, I now enjoy a stronger sense of purpose and connection that I will never willingly let go!


  1. Layla Hijab Cable · · Reply

    Deborah, this is fascinating. Thanks for your efforts I have learned about women artists in Boston and their role in Public Art. Enjoying the little I have ventured to see prompts me to look at others and their work. I saved your emails to go back to and use as a guide. Now your work is saved and recognized for others and myself by two organizations. I commend you on your persistence and work. Boston and Cambridge should treasure your work and honor you as you honored other women. We all should be proud to have you in our lives. We are enriched on a personal level with your friendship. We are also enriched greatly by your work. I am happy to call you my neighbor and good friend.

    1. Many thanks, Layla, for this encouraging comment from you, as a person I have long admired for your own sense of purpose and persistence!

  2. Brad Gurman · · Reply

    Congratulations for getting the recognition you rightly you deserve. You’ve been out there in your quest of getting the women artists recognition. I surely would to get there and see all the works you’ve shown on your site. Maybe this coming summer. Again, congratulations.

  3. Thank you, Brad, for this and other generous comments.
    I do hope you will be in Boston soon! Cheers from our family to you and yours!!!

  4. Brad Gurman · · Reply


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