Mystic River Mural Project is an Impressive Ongoing Story

For many years I had cast admiring glances at stretches of the Mystic River Mural while driving past the intriguing composite scenes. Always on the way to somewhere else, I never stopped or searched enough till recently to learn that the mural has been growing for more than twenty years! Each summer a new group of high school students explores nature, history, and issues of the Mystic River watershed. Guided by scientists, other well-versed adults, and mural artist David Fichter they develop panels of related images to add to the retaining wall below their nearby major highway.

This post contains my iPhone photos from summer walks along Mystic Avenue in Somerville. Also it shares vital links to more comprehensive and detailed images: David Fichter’s Mural Portfolio,  and Somerville Arts Council Mystic Mural information. Plus you can follow this link to a valuable video that combines perspectives of essential participants. [All photos in this post are captioned with quotes from Somerville Arts Council description of the Mystic Mural Project.]

“The Mystic River Mural Project began in 1996, when I worked with a group of high school students in Somerville to explore the wildlife, history, and environmental issues around the Mystic River watershed and then paint a large mural on panels that were installed on the concrete retaining wall for I-93. This became an ongoing project, resulting in an enormous mural about the watershed that is enlarged every summer with the work of new students. The mural is sponsored by the Somerville Arts Council, City of Somerville, MA.” ( quote from artist David Fichter in his mural portfolio)

I hope to post again with focus on the particular additions created this summer. Meanwhile this post offers background that bolsters beliefs I truly hold dear!

Key Resources

Mural Process for Mystic River Mural Project on David Fichter’s website

Link to YouTube video: Eco-Mural: Mystic River Mural, Somerville, MA, USA

Somerville Arts Council link to the Mural allows you to scroll over and magnify the images of continuous panels installed along Mystic Avenue “to see the full mural in its glorious details.” ( quote from Somerville Arts Council: The Mural)




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