James Weinberg’s Art Transforms a Brick Wall, a Bus Shelter, and a Book Idea

IMG_8175 Weinberg Fox mural

“Fox” mural by James Weinberg, Arlington, MA

This fall brought opportunities to see three new works of art, each with different scale and surface, but in the same distinct compelling style of one artist, James Weinberg. Plants, animals, and sky appear in all three, adapted to the materials and dimensions assigned to their creation. A large brick wall, a framed glass structure, and the paper pages of a  picture book serve as stages for dynamic dramas.  Visits to 13Forest Gallery and the artist’s website will reveal other materials James Weinberg has handled with great skill and grace. Here are my photos with quotes, notes, and links.

Brick Wall: Fox Mural, Massachusetts Avenue and Milton Street, Arlington, MA

“Next time you are in the neighborhood of the Fox Library be sure to check out the new “Fox” mural by Somerville artist, James Weinberg, on the side of Za Pizza. The mural is a celebration of local wildlife, while the fox has become a veritable icon of the neighborhood…” quote from Arts Arlington notice about the mural

“Weinberg is a graphic designer, illustrator, and silkscreen printer. His murals, featuring bright graphics and layering shapes and colors carry influences from folk art and silkscreen practices.” quote from Arts Arlington notice about the mural

Bus Shelter, Massachusetts Avenue and Thorndike St., Arlington, MA

“Arlington Public Art has enlisted five artists to transform five bus shelters into works of art. Each one is unique, reflecting the style and interests of each artist. Together, the bus shelters celebrate the Town’s initiative to improve bus service so people can leave their cars at home. Shared themes include protecting the environment, connecting with neighbors, and enlivening the experience of waiting for the bus.” quote from Arts Arlington description of the project

“James Weinberg’s depiction of nature changing through the seasons features complex layered patterns and colors that glow when the sun comes through. ” quote from Arts Arlington description of the project

“Somerville artist James Weinberg represents cyclical changes of the season over time. Riders wait for the bus in a shelter transformed into a vibrant terrarium!” quote from Sampan article

Book: Contrary Creatures (Unique Animal Opposites)

“This vibrantly illustrated nonfiction picture book goes beyond expected animal opposite pairings by comparing and contrasting behaviors like migration habits (or lack thereof) and sleeping schedules.” quote from Porter Square Books about event with the author/illustrator in November 2018

I hope to revisit the mural, bus shelter, book, gallery and Weinberg website, many times!


Artist’s website: Weinberg Design

13Forest: James Weinberg

Arlington Public Art: Fox Mural

 Miller Street Studios: James Weinberg


Contrary Creatures: Unique Animal Opposites

 Interview with James Weinberg, September 2014

Sampan: Arlington uses public art to boost the bus experience

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