Eileen de Rosas’ Art Brings Life to Brick in Arlington

Wheatpasted images of wildlife by Eileen de Rosas, temporary art on Fox Library, Arlington

Wheatpasted Versions of
Local Wildlife Watercolors Animate
Walls Outside Fox Library

My January journey to this temporary art, up since mid-December, inspired me to track down information, stories, and colorful images that are best enjoyed on Eileen de Rosas’ website under Public Art in each of five sections:

2018 Edith M. Fox Branch Library Mural  with many photos of the art

WATERCOLORS: wonderful watercolor wildlife portraits from which the enlarged black and white images were produced to be applied to the walls

PROCESS: color photos that document the process from studio preparations to outdoor installation

NEWS: with news article, including quotes from an interview with Eileen de Rosas, and video of linked projects for Arlington Public Arts

“The Commute:” Color photos of temporary art (depicting local animals and plants) for a bus shelter in Arlington and description of that project

Have you noticed the large deer, bear, fish, and fox families gathered on the walls of the Fox Branch Library in Capitol Square, East Arlington? This temporary installation uses a street art technique called “wheat paste” to attach giant versions of small scale drawings to brick walls, transforming an intimate art form into the scale needed to fill a public space. 

quote from opening sentences of Arts Arlington news:
La Passeggiata: Animal Neighbors of Arlington



  1. Sharon McBride · · Reply

    There’s something magical about these animals. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thank you, Sharon, for commenting. I just revisited the animals to appreciate their magic!


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