More New Murals: Silvia López Chavez in Cambridge, IMAGINE (Sneha Shrestha) in Somerville


Wishing I could keep up with the mural-making by these productively energetic creative artists, I will at least show their momentarily newest murals and share links where you can appreciate each artist in action.

 ‘Home is where the heart is free’ by IMAGINE (Sneha Shrestha) on Black Cat Labs


“I wanted to share this idea of home, with the community, with the city of Somerville,” Imagine (Sneha Shrestha), a Nepali artist living in Somerville, said of the calligraphic mural in orange and blue that she’s painting at 47 Webster Ave. in Somerville. “… So I choose a phrase and I repeat it over and over again throughout the wall. The phrase that I’m writing in Nepali is ‘Home is where the heart is free.’” [quote from Imagine (Sneha Shrestha) by Greg Cook in Wonderland, August 30, 2019] 


‘Creative Freedom’ by Silvia López Chavez on Central Square Branch  Library in Cambridge


“Cambridge’s Central Square Branch Library will be home to a new mural by Boston-based artist Silvia López Chavez celebrating the ways libraries serve communities ….Chavez’s design features books, flying birds and pages turning into paper planes, all set against a backdrop of bold stripes of color.“[quote from Wicked Local Cambridge, September 10 ]IMG_3607 Central SquareLibrary mural SLC

“Chavez’s art is informed by her belief in the importance of making and celebrating connections on a social, political, and cultural level – connections which occur in spaces like public libraries. Her work explores the emotional narratives of joy, struggle, acceptance, and assimilation as vehicles for empowerment, growth and transformation. Chavez’s murals are renowned for their experimentation with color and form, and for their reliance on traditional methods of drawing and painting.” [ quote from statement in Cambridge Arts News, August 29,  2019 ]

Tribute to Both Murals and their Makers

In photographing both murals I recognized how artists must deal with architectural and functional features of a building, including windows, vents and doors. Both artists have developed their own distinctive patterns, symbols and palettes to meet the challenges of textures, shapes and materials not meant for making art.


Links to Key Resources

FIRST LOOK AT THREE NEW SOMERVILLE MURALS by Greg Cook, Wonderland August 30, 2019

New Mural at Central Square Library Celebrates Knowledge and Learning Cambridge Arts News, August 29, 2019

Public Art: Central SQ. Mural Project, Cambridge, MA Work, Silvia López Chavez artist website

Walls by Imagine,

Video loop of Sneha Shrestha at work on mural at Black Cat Labs

New mural at Central Square Library celebrates learning, Wicked Local Cambridge, September 10, 2019


  1. Sharon McBride · · Reply

    Love those murals. I’ll be taking a closer look at the Central Square Library mural soon. Thanks!


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