George Sherwood’s Art and Tower Hill Botanic Garden: A Marvelous Match

Yet again I feel compelled to post without the revisiting, rereading, and rethinking I like to do before pushing the Publish button on this WordPress site. George Sherwood’s kinetic sculpture exhibit Wind, Waves &  Light, Art in Motion, will end on October 14, 2019. Tower Hill Botanic Garden will continue and develop through the years ahead. I certainly want to see more of both, but first I must urge as many people as possible to go before the sculptures leave. A quick post now increases the chance that a few more people will enjoy the opportunity to experience the interaction of these amazing artworks in this spectacular setting.

My photos that don’t do justice to the moving sculptures or their surroundings

“This unconventional exhibition features large-scale, stainless steel sculptures that move and change with the wind. View the sculptures and learn more about their connections to art, science, and nature. An artist and engineer, George Sherwood creates kinetic sculptures that evoke shimmering leaves, flocks of birds, schools of fish, and waves of light and water.”( quoted from Tower Hill website)

Links to valuable visual and verbal information

GEORGE SHERWOOD Artist’s website, clearly organized with lots of good photos, videos, pertinent information and links to  articles about George Sherwood’s exhibits

Tower Hill Botanic Garden website pages about Wind, Waves & Light exhibit   Overview, activities, background, and videos for WIND, WAVES & LIGHT, ART IN MOTION by George Sherwood

Audio Tour with George Sherwood’s voice for seventeen sites in the exhibit  You can access this from home through Uniguide app on a smartphone or tablet.  Search title: Tower Hill Botanic Garden: George Sherman Kinetic Sculptures


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