Follow up on Elliott Kayser’s Pigs from their Year on the Greenway

The photos in this post come from January 1, 2020, the last time I visited Elliott Kayser’s eight ceramic pigs along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. They had kept their stations well for almost a year. Now that the Year of the Pig is almost over they are gone!

From a very informative Greenway blog post, I have learned that five of the pigs have moved on to the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton. Chiefly the blog post clearly tells a story with great photos of ten steps involved in creating the pigs. If you wondered about the origins or future of these sculptures, about 250 pounds each, read this: Inside Year of the Pig: How to create a sculptural ceramic pig, in 10 (not so) simple steps!

“There are an estimated 48 native Chinese pig breeds still in existence today. To celebrate that diverse heritage, six of the eight sculptures hidden along The Greenway are painted and glazed with unique patterning of specific breeds……The two pigs at the entrance to Chinatown will be glazed red as a stylized interpretation of this traditional zodiac symbol.” (quote from Rose Kennedy Greenway blog post, Jan 2, 2020)

For more links and further background about Elliott Kayser’s art, look at my post from last spring ( March 2019)  on Art Outdoors: ELLIOTT KAYSER’S ART ADDS MANY WAYS TO CELEBRATE YEAR OF THE PIG ALONG THE GREENWAY 

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