Marvel at Moses Mosaic

The brilliant new mosaic mural above the Moses Youth Center entrance radiates reminders of its history and promise. While not much could happen inside through the summer 2020, the Moses Mosaic had been collaboratively created by community youth and artists before the pandemic began. So, in early July after weeks of labor-intensive installation, the Moses Mosaic was ready for public view.

For now I’ll post photos only of the completed mosaic and save the photos that help document the process until I can explain it clearly. My current goal is to let Cambridge neighbors know where to view the amazing artwork and to give everyone else an idea of the images, ideas and emotions conveyed in the luminous band that stretches along the building above the entry.

Cambridge artist David Fichter ( has begun to install a new 40-foot-long, 16-inch-tall mosaic above the front entrance of Cambridge’s Robert and Janet Moses Youth Center. Cambridge youth and community members helped develop the artwork, including hands-on work arranging the mosaic tiles.” ( quote from Cambridge Arts, New Cambridge Public Art, June 29 2020)

Also I offer quotes and links with information about Robert and Janet Moses in relation to the center renamed in 2015 to honor them.

“The City of Cambridge would like to recognize Dr. Robert “Bob” Parris Moses and Dr. Janet Moses for their tremendous contributions to the continuing civil rights movement and their unwavering dedication to the progress of all Cambridge residents by renaming the Area IV Youth Center the “Dr. Robert and Janet Moses Youth Center;” ( quote from Cambridge City Council Policy Order Resolution Feb. 9 2015)

“Civil rights are important to Bob and Janet, his wife and partner at the Algebra Project, but equally important are the very specific and very local needs of children—their own and those in our community.” ( quote from Cambridge Community Foundation Report 2018)

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