Uplifting Art Waits at Our Feet on Bike Paths (Can You Help Solve a Mystery?)

For example, four distinctive paintings appeared on the bike path in Somerville and Cambridge this summer. None are signed but all contain the same heart emblem and related design elements.

I post now to share these elegant images and to ask for help in identifying the artist(s), process and maybe more places to admire such alluring art.

If you have answers or leads for any of my questions, please put them in a comment under “Leave a Reply” on this post. Many thanks!!!! I will then revise to incorporate and update the post.

Rectangles with BLM, Love is Love, and flowers are at Harvey Street crossing in Cambridge. Rectangle with bird is near the Lowell Street stairway on the Somerville Community Path.

Maybe you can help solve the mysteries of who made these and how!


  1. Dear Deborah, This is just to say how much I enjoy your postings and the invitation to follow your findings! I love walking and in this pandemic it has become a mooring routine to my day. Your posts have added to my appreciation of my neighborhood and community. I trust you are enjoying your own explorations.
    Best wishes and thank you again,


    1. Thank you, Susan, for your thoughtful, encouraging response to my posts!
      Walking sustains me too.
      Best wishes back to you.


  2. Rebecca MacWilliams · · Reply

    Does it seem to be rainproof, I.e., not wash out in the rain? (We are wondering if colored chalk was used? Or more durable acrylic paint?) They are really beautiful!


    1. Thanks for the good questions and ideas! Yes, all seem rainproof through at least a month so far. I agree that the medium is some kind of durable paint. From the lines and shapes, I guess that some kind of stencil forms were involved.


  3. Ethan Gould · · Reply

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful artwork! I do not have any clues, however.


    1. Thank you, Ethan, for your attention and encouragement!


  4. I’ve seen in multiple places that the artist wishes to remain anonymous.


    1. Thank you, Minerva,
      for this very helpful information.


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