Mural for the Movement Makes Statements in Many Languages with Faces, Flags, and Fist in front of MFA Boston

After visiting the mural “No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper,” currently on the Huntington Avenue lawn of the Museum of Fine Arts, I want to urge everyone in the Boston area to see it before it leaves November 19, 2020. So, this quick post includes photos, quotes and resources (links in red type) that could help you appreciate the mural in person, or at least through connected stories about it.

“Artists Cey Adams, Sophia Dawson, and Victor “Marka27” Quiñonez created the mural as a tribute to victims of police brutality and mass incarceration. “ (quote from MFA Exhibitions site: Murals for the Movement.)

“No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper,” named after a bible verse (Isaiah 54:17), was initially born in June via Murals for the Movement, a venture started by Liza Quiñonez of Street Theory. According to Quiñonez, it was born out of a desire to rebuild community while providing a lifeline for struggling artists, who were out of work due to quarantine in New York and Boston.” ( quote from WBUR ARTery report by Dana Forsythe September 23, 2020)

The September version of the mural includes two new panels by the Museum’s artists-in-residence, Rob “Problak” Gibbs and Rob Stull.

The most comprehensive yet succinct resource is Street Theory’s Murals for the Movement at The MFA. With photos and statements of each of the five artists, it identifies their parts in the mural and also links to their own websites. (It should guide me toward future posts about each artist.) Photos of the whole mural and specific sections add value to the view!

Sign on lawn identifies artists and their work on the mural, plus reference to Street Theory and other resources

For key stories and great photos of the installation process, go to The MFA Unveils A New Outdoor Mural To Address Racism And Police Brutality by Dana Forsythe for the ARTery September 23, 2020.

For background plus related exhibits and programs at the Museum of Fine Arts, go to Exhibition: Murals for the Movement many times.

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  1. Sandra Millikin · · Reply

    Fascinating Deb. Would never have known about this were it not for you!


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