Panels from Significant Summer 2020 Extend Mystic River Mural and Affirm Hopes

In my July post about the Mystic River Mural Project, I was hopeful but not sure that the Summer 2020 project would work through all the complications of the pandemic. Now I can gladly share glimpses of the inspiring outcome with photos of the 2020 panels added this fall on Mystic Avenue. For context, read quotes with links to informative sources. Also note a new video that adds an enriching overview of the whole project.

” Since 1996,*each year, professional muralist David Fichter and an environmental educator work with organizations, naturalists, and local historians from the surrounding community to develop a curriculum centered on an adventurous exploration of the Mystic River Watershed. Through this exploration a new theme emerges toward the development of new panels each year. ( quote excerpt from Mystic Mural Project page on Somerville Arts Council website) * dl ed change from 1997

Despite the Covid virus, ten Mystic Mural students from Somerville were able to explore the theme of Trees of the Mystic Watershed this summer and create a 56 foot addition to the ongoing mural which will be installed this fall (hopefully). Thanks to the Somerville Arts Council, City of Somerville and Greg Jenkins (director) we were able to negotiate all health and safety issues to have a wonderful experience in the Mystic.“(quote excerpt from Mystic River Mural Project Facebook entry, August 24, 2020)

“After a week of brainstorming, sketching and designing we came up with a fantastic design that begins with the tree understory, then goes up into the tree heights with an aerial view of the Mystic and finally back down to a view of trees along the riverbank from the viewpoint of the river. There’s a lot in it, including portraits of many of the students enjoying a perch in the trees.”(quote excerpt from Mystic River Mural Project Facebook entry, August 24, 2020)

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  1. Renee Kasinsky · · Reply

    Nice photos of new panels. I love this ongoing project. I will plan get over and see it
    in person. Thanks.


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