Many People Play a Part in Art Installation by Nilou Moochhala in Menotomy Rocks Park, Arlington

I wish my words or photos could convey the sense of being in the presence of this important installation in Menotomy Rocks Park. Certainly I want to return there and to get others in or near Arlington to go too. Also I want people who can’t go to still appreciate the energies, organization, and interplay involved in such ventures. So I offer this quick post now with links and quotes that might lead you further in than I’ve yet been.

“Each of the 100 rectangular multimedia drawings suspended above us in the pine forest illuminates aspects of the pandemic; half were made by the artist as a way of processing her own daily experiences, and half were developed from a unique story recorded during interviews with others. Together, as a whole, one senses the interconnectedness of all of our individual experiences and stories during this time of shared isolation.” (description by Cecily Miller, Curator, Public Art and Community Engagement, Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture)

“The Arlington Commission for Arts & Culture (ACAC) invited me to create a public art installation version of my Virus Series, which I had continued for 365 days during the Covid-19 lockdown (started in March 13, 2020 and ended March 13, 2021). The experiences informing these sketches will resonate for all. Isolated from family, friends and neighbors, navigating an unprecedented situation and difficult emotions, living with fear and uncertainty, – are some familiar challenges many of us have faced. These sketch images are abstract, they are created through a type of meditative mark-making: using color, texture, the rhythm of shapes and movement of line to record a moment during this difficult time. ” (quote from Nilou Moochhala’s statement on artist website NilouMakes: Reflecting on Our Pandemic Experience ) Photos below are from June 19, the opening weekend when the artist (in a white dress) was present, speaking with various visitors.

“The installation consists of 100 meditation flags printed from her abstract drawings; 50 drawings were created during her daily practice during the pandemic, and 50 were made in response to interviews with diverse Arlingtonians, from the Town Manager to front line workers.  Suspended in the trees, the flags have formed an inviting space in the pine forest for contemplation and healing.” ( quote excerpt from Arts Arlington notice about opening weekend of Nilou Moochhala’s installation in Menotomy Rocks Park)

Signs on site give information, with examples of interviews. Signs in park lead to site.

Opening Weekend for Nilou Moochhala’s Public Art Installation in Menotomy Rocks Park includes map and links to related sites.

NilouMakes: Reflecting on Our Pandemic Experience, artist’s website with other art projects by Nilou Moochhala


  1. Kathy Caple · · Reply

    This is so meaningful. It says a lot! Thanks for posting.


  2. Wish To be there to experience it in person.


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