Artists Resa Blatman and Christopher Frost Keep Up our Connections with Birds on the Bike Path

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To follow up on earlier posts, here are views from recent rides on the bike path through Arlington and Somerville, * plus links to rich resources about both artists and community arts organizations.

Arlington: Bird Cards first created in 2019 by Resa Blatman and Ellen Reed; Colony II created by Chris Frost in 2019

Colony II near Linwood Street ( with some creatures who once occupied Colony, an earlier birdhouse)

Colony III near Spy Pond Park Playground (only a few creatures added so far, maybe because harder to access)

Extraordinary Ordinary Bird Cards still available at fence near Colony III EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY BIRDS

Somerville Bike Path birdhouse “Annex” by Christopher Frost in recent months, with empty nest created by birds in spring 2020

Family of birds in their nest in “Annex” last spring 2020

CF:” Initially, I was thinking of the birds. How amazing would it be to give them not just a simple birdhouse, but a space of this magnitude? What would it be like to create a place where birds can congregate together? I really hope that the birds notice and enjoy this home.( from Somerville Arts Council interview with Chris Frost just after Annex was installed)

Valuable Resources:

Christopher Frost Sculpture

Resa Blatman, Visual Artist

Arlington Public Art: Pathways, Art on the Minuteman Bikeway

*I hope to post soon about other discoveries and rediscoveries of art on the bike path!

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