Take Time to Take in Juan Travieso’s Mural, Engulf, on the Greenway in Boston

Engulf mural, Lincoln Street Triangle, about three blocks southwest of South Station, created by Juan Travieso in 2019 is up through October 2022. Sometimes obscured by cars and trucks in its adjacent parking lot, the long low wall space is notably less visible from a distance than the tall Greenway mural wall in Dewey Square. Additionally, the mural’s lifespan has coincided with pandemic limitations on travel and social activity. I’ve visited twice and hope to go again soon, while wishing I could do more to convey the visual drama and mystery generated by Juan Travieso’s Engulf.

All I can offer so far is to post segments of the mural with captions quoted from the Artist Statement to focus on the issues that are motivating Juan Travieso’s creative work. This should help me recall what I saw at the wall and discover design elements I didn’t absorb at the time. Maybe it will connect with someone who missed the chance to be there, or might still have that chance.

Juan Travieso creates visually complex worlds through combining realist painting techniques with surreal and geometric juxtapositions.
Travieso presents the endangerment of species, such as the tiger pictured, as an allegory for the consequences of society’s shifting priorities and the pitfalls of issues from climate change to gentrification..”
A recently felled tree and overwhelming grid system evoke human involvement, suggesting a narrative of loss and isolation.
"Travieso’s imaginative scene presents a graphic topography and invasive plants intertwined with two tigers. "
Travieso’s imaginative scene presents a graphic topography and invasive plants intertwined with two tigers.
His surrealist environment evokes questions of who can thrive, whose needs are prioritized, what values have created this dystopian scene, and at what cost.

Quote from About Me on Juan Travieso Website

Juan Travieso Currently based out of Miami, creates visually complex worlds suspended in a state of fracture. Dismantled into seismic shards, these fragments are subject to the disorienting effects of constant spatial interruption. Combining a realist painting technique with surreal juxtapositions, spatial splicing, bright palettes, and geometric abstraction, Travieso conveys the textures of a universe in breach, distorted and split by its endless potential for loss. Fascinated by the extinction of countless endangered species and the often irrevocable influence of human intervention, Travieso presents the reality of a world in transition. 

Link to many more murals by Juan Travieso on his artist website: https://juantravieso.format.com/murals

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