Anna Thurber’s Ice Sculptures Enliven the Esplanade: “Frozen in Life,” March 18-20

Temporary Post about Very Temporary, Amazing Art

From 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., explore a row of 15 different ice sculptures on display in Fiedler Field, each of the three days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Quotes and links below give background and perspective.

Visitors to this outdoor gallery will experience the breadth and beauty of the Esplanade’s plant species through 40+ sculptures created by Weston-based artist Anna Thurber. Three seasons of Esplanade plants, all handpicked by the artist in 2021, are suspended in the ice, encouraging contemplation, conversation, and appreciation for the Esplanade’s plant biodiversity. Frozen in Life is free and open to the public and was created in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation” ( quote from CHARLES RIVER ESPLANADE VERNAL EQUINOX 2022 Frozen in Life)

“It is our goal that, through experiencing Anna’s unique techniques, guests develop the perspective of noticing the nuances of our environment, and our emotional connections to it. We are here on the weekend of the vernal equinox to experience this thawing together, and celebrate the triumph of spring over winterMostly, we hope guests will have gained a deeper appreciation of the biological diversity and beauty of the natural environment on the Charles River Esplanade.” ( quote from CHARLES RIVER ESPLANADE VERNAL EQUINOX 2022 Frozen in Life)

Key Resources

Frozen in Life by Anna Thurber


 Esplanade Association

Artist’s website: Anna Thurber

One comment

  1. Ethan Gould · March 24, 2022 – 9:21 pm ·Edit · Reply→
    What a clever idea! Thank you for sharing your photos of this temporary exhibit.

    deborahlee713 · March 25, 2022 – 12:56 pm ·Edit · Reply→
    Thank you, Ethan!
    I hope to do another post about this someday, with additional photos from the third day when another fifteen sculptures replaced those from days before. By then I should understand the artist’s process better and also reflect on my experience of both visits..


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