Beauty and Drama Resonate from New Mural, “Resonance” by Super A (Stefan Thelen) on the Greenway

In awe of the art, I’m excited to announce the completion of the latest monumental mural in Dewey Square. I plan to come into its presence many times before it is painted over by another artist or artist team next year. For now I’m posting photos, quotes, and links so you can join me in learning more about and from Super A (Stefan Thelen).

“On Saturday, Dutch artist Stefan Thelen—known by his anti-superhero identity Super A—began painting a mural depicting a barn swallow crashing out of a bell jar. It rises several stories high on Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway, on the tunnel ventilation building facing Dewey Square, along Purchase Street between Congress Street and Summer Street.” (quote from Greg Cook, April 30, in Wonderland)

” His alter-ego, Super A is the filter with which the life and observations of Stefan Thelen are distilled down and turn into inspiration.” ( quoted from artist’s website, Super A  about)

“Super A is known for his hyper-realistic and ethereal depictions of metaphorical narratives.”( quote from Artist Statement under “Resonance,” Public Art on the Greenway)

IMG_0860 Resonance completed May 6

 Key Links

For photos and background about the mural in progress:

“Here’s a look at the new Dewey Square mural that’s going up near South Station”  by Steve Annear for Boston Globe, May 1, 2019

“First Look At The New Mural Going Up On Boston’s Greenway” by Greg Cook, April 30, 2019 for Wonderland

For information and additional art by Stefan Thelen, Super A:

Artist’s website: Super A

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