Look Up to Mosaic Masterpieces at Fletcher Maynard Academy, Cambridge

Closed all spring 2020 like every school, Fletcher Maynard Academy in Cambridge continues to offer art that is open to public view. People can look up above the school’s doors by the corner of Broadway and Windsor Street to marvel at the Mosaic Masterpieces created a year earlier by students with artists David Fichter, Liane Noddin, and art teacher Lolly Lincoln. They’ll see kids dancing, gardening, doing sports and other activities together in ways that were suddenly suspended from school life. They’ll see art made from many, many pieces by all members of the school community ( preK–G 5) . They’ll sense that the height of these pleasures that should in time return. 

“Student sketches were converted to murals that are formed by thousands of glass, ceramic, and mirrored tiles – each one hand-cut and placed by FMA students. Every student in the school had a hand in the final work.”(quote from FMA on the Cambridge Public School website) At their website is a slideshow with scenes from the making of Mosaic Masterpieces.

The project, called FMA Kids in Action, was funded by Cambridge Arts Public Art FLOW: A Grant Program for the Port.   See photos from this and other FLOW projects.

Thanks to David Fichter for providing photos that document the process and completion of these mosaic murals. For more about his numerous projects and range, explore his wondrous website:http://www.davidfichter.com/ . ART OUTDOORS includes posts about his other projects too.


  1. Renee Kasinsky · · Reply

    I will make a point of going by to look at this! Love seeing the slide show showing the process and including all the young people. And as always enjoy reading your further delving into it and comments.


  2. Sharon McBride · · Reply

    This is a wonderful project! And the slideshow fascinating. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!



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