John Tagiuri’s Art Can Open Doors in Surprising Ways

The two giant paintbrush “door pulls” created by John Tagiuri for Maud Morgan Visual Arts in 2009 when the center first opened must now wait for a post-lockdown reopening, whenever that will be. Meanwhile my attention to these and other artworks outside the center pulled me into John Tagiuri’s website, which is rich in samples of his other projects, all displaying unique combinations of strong concepts with playful twists. From those, I located the towering endless-column lamps over the basketball court in Sennott Park, at Broadway and Scouting Way, Cambridge. Cambridge Public Art Card: Respite*

“With a characteristic whimsy, artist John Tagiuri is creating cast concrete lazy chairs, a grand stairway, and two endless-column living room lamps by the youth center’s back patio. The artist’s proposal developed out of several meetings with the young members of the Center, who originally drew his attention to the problematic connection between the building and the adjacent park. ” ( quote from Cambridge Arts community arts projects, Area 4 Youth Center 2002-2003*access all tour cards at Cambridge Arts Public Art Tours

So far I have not succeeded in finding links to John Tagiuri’s art since 2016, but maybe someone reading this will lead the way.

Meanwhile enjoy exploring the fences, seating, and environmental art of  John Tagiuri at JT Studios !

“JOHN TAGIURI …..specializes in community-focused permanent and temporary public sculptures and installations that rejuvenate inner city parks and schoolyards, and explore social issues.  His projects are thought provoking and fun for people of all ages and backgrounds.  …Tagiuri has also used his artwork to speak out for the environment… ” (quote from John Tagiuri Artist’s Statement

For context, see Maud Morgan Visual Arts Center Artist/Architects Collaborative

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