Winter Weather Combines with Outdoor Art: Monique Aimee’s Brine Tanks Mural, James Tyler’s Ten Figures

Photos from recent winter visits add perspective and updates to earlier posts in other seasons. Red type links to earlier posts about each site.

Brine* Tanks with their Upbeat Mural Serve Several Purposes this First Winter

Tank labels were still missing in my September post about Monique Aimee’s mural for the four brine tanks at St. Peter’s Field in Cambridge. These January photos show the tanks at work for winter as their scenes flow gently in spite of falling snow. “DPW applies a brine solution to many roadways, bike lanes and sidewalks prior to predicted storms. “Brine is a saltwater mixture that helps lower the freezing point and reduce corrosion of surfaces.”( Quote from City of Cambridge Snow Center)

Live People Loaned Winter Wear to James Tyler’s Figures in Davis Square

My June post about James Tyler’s Ten Figures in Davis Square, Somerville, didn’t include snow scenes that I have since witnessed.

COLORFUL CHARACTERS BRIGHTEN BRINE TANKS: MURAL BY MONIQUE AIMEE IN CAMBRIDGE This September post contains a slide show of mural in progress, link to Aimee’s websites,  and information about Cambridge brine tanks.

TEN FIGURES BY SCULPTOR JAMES TYLER KEEP MASKS ON IN DAVIS SQUARE This June post shows more of the ten figures and links to other sources about their origins and James Tyler’s art.  

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  1. All of these are beautiful images–so human.. Thanks Deb!


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