Connect to Concord with “Change is in the Air: Art Walk” through May

“Wish for Change ” by Nayda Cuevas, one of six installations on The Umbrella ARTFEST Art Walk

The Art Walk exhibits outdoor, air-inspired artwork by several regional artists that engages the element of Air — whether banner, windchime, pinwheel, or any other creative forms.” (quote from Art Walk page on The Umbrella Arts Center website)

Following the map for Umbrella Artfest Earth Day Art Walk has greatly added to my own awareness of Concord as well as the artists who created installations for the six stops listed. Because Art Walk has been up since April 25 with just a few weeks ahead, I’ll post quickly now. I want to spread the word so people who live close enough can go before it’s gone. Then I’ll hope to post a more comprehensive sequel later in May, including one key installation* I didn’t get to visit yet.

*karen Krolak and Nicole Harris | aWays to Fathom: Middlesex edition

Below are my iPhone photos taken on May 1, 2021.

BARD | A Symphony of Wind ( metal, wood, leaves, resin) :  

Leah Medin | Medium Green ( wood, varnish): artist’s website:

Nayda Cuevas | Wish for Change ( mesh banner with print) : artist’s website:

Liz Helfer | Lightweight ( chain link fence, metal, resin, concrete): artist’s website:

Laurie Bogdan | Winds of Change ( wood, acrylic paint, aluminum cans, fabric)

artist’s website:

This Art Walk is just one of many impressive ways the Umbrella Arts Center has developed new engaging events to replace earlier traditions currently ruled out by pandemic restrictions. My standing (and walking) ovation for Umbrella Arts and all arts centers with resourceful responses** to such challenges!!

**“Explore the air-inspired art scattered throughout Concord Center’s conservation land, and use the QR codes on exhibition signs or  the Artfest Kidstrack coloring activity sheet, self-guided audio tour Google Map, or our new Artfest App to listen to the artists discuss their work and inspirations.” (quote noting resources and links from Art Walk page on The Umbrella Arts Center website)

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