Look Up at Significant Symbols in Concord for the Umbrella ARTFEST

“Here Comes the Sun” and “aWays to Fathom: Middlesex Edition”

The two photos above are from installations I had hoped to include in my quick post about ARTFEST a week earlier. Both installations interact with varying light, air currents above, and beings below. In this promised swift sequel I try to offer photos, quotes, and links that will lead you closer to those experiences online or in person.

“Here Comes the Sun” “The installation, designed by Ellen McHale and Gail Burr and inspired by public art installations they have experienced including Michael Pendry’s “Les Columbes”, is being created in collaboration with community members who are invited to contribute “dedication doves” crafted out of durable and recyclable materials.” ( quote excerpt from The Umbrella ARTFEST, “Here Comes the Sun”)

“Participants are encouraged to inscribe their origami doves with messages of hope, wishes for the future, and dedications to the heroes around us. The installation will be interactive and lit by Wyatt Burns, creating engaging experiences for both daytime and nighttime viewing. The installation will be available for viewing April 24-May 16.” (quote from Umbrella Arts Public Art Here Comes the Sun)

“aWays to Fathom: Middlesex Edition” created by karen Krolak and Nicole Harris of Monkeyhouse is one of six installations on Change is in the Air: Art Walk the Umbrella Arts Center through May 31.

“aWays to Fathom: Middlesex Edition is the first iteration of the aWays to Fathom project to be presented, showing the 2729 Covid deaths in Middlesex County in 2020.” ( quote excerpt from Monkeyhouse site page about aWays to Fathom: Middlesex Edition)

“aWays to Fathom began as an embodied experiment to wrap our minds around the enormity of the collective grief in the air in the wake of Covid-19. By repeating a gesture of remembrance (sewing a single sequin for each Covid death) we hope to humanize the overwhelming data and to grasp the ongoing impact of our collective loss.” (quote excerpt from Monkeyhouse site page about aWays to Fathom: Middlesex Edition)

For directions and trail maps to this installation, refer to aWays to Fathom: Middlesex Edition maps

For an overview of the Umbrella Arts Center Artfest and related resources, go to the Umbrella Arts Center website.

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  1. Judy Fosdick · · Reply

    I like the participatory aspect of the “Here Comes the Sun” exhibit. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful outdoor art installations.


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