Temporary Art Leads to Ongoing Information from Harvard Museums of Science and Culture: PLAZA PAINT PROJECT

The person I saw painting attractive images on Science Center Plaza said she was not an artist, but she was creating interactive art to engage people with rich resources from the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture while the physical doors are still closed to visitors. She noted that the paintings on the plaza would be power-washed away in a few weeks. So once again I’ll post quickly to speed the news about temporary art  before it goes. Here goes:  

The Harvard Museums of Science & Culture will remain closed for in-person visitation through Summer 2021.In the meantime, Harvard Museums of Science & Culture and Harvard Common Spaces have partnered to bring you the Plaza Paint Project, an outdoor, playful way to keep exploring the natural world, science, and human cultures. Visit the Science Center Plaza at 1 Oxford Street to check out these activities.” ( excerpt quotes from Plaza Paint Project, Harvard Museums of Science and Culture)

What’s Your Wingspan?

Plaza Sundial


  1. kate Frank · · Reply

    Hi Deb, I can’t believe that this interesting project is going on just a short walk away and yet
    I would not have been aware that there was something exciting to go see. i particularly enjoy the photo of the woman reading while a lizard swirls at her feet. It would be fun to sit a ways back
    From the art itself and observe the interactions with people who pass by and see it for the first
    Time. Thanks for perking me up and getting me to want to by the interactive exhibit. Kate F.

    1. Thank you, Kate, for your thoughtful comment, adding perspective with possibilities for ways to enjoy the experience.

  2. I will surely look for this on my next walk in that direction. Lots to see. Thanks for posting!

  3. Ethan Gould · · Reply

    That woman is very talented! Thanks for putting up the pictures, especially since the images are probably gone by now.

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