Artists Add New Life to Familiar Forms: “GO OUT DOORS – ARLINGTON  2021” November Notes and Quotes

Guided by the very helpful interactive map on GO OUT DOORS NEIGHBORS!, Arts Arlington, I have visited most of the doors for 2021. I hope to see them all before November ends, when they’ll be kept safe from the threats of winter weather. Then I will watch for their return in spring 2022 and for newly created doors as well. If able, I will want to show and tell more about “Go Out Doors” beyond Arlington.* Meanwhile here are names, art titles, links (click on artists’ names in red for their websites), and informative quotes related to doors I’ve seen so far.

GO OUT DOORS – ARLINGTON  2021 continues to grow last year’s “Go Out Doors-Neighbors” collaborative public art campaign featuring upcycled, artist-decorated doors installed on bike and nature trails. The goal of the project was to “celebrate reconnection with nature, our senses, and healthful outdoor activity” to the succor of our neighboring communities emerging from COVID-19 isolation.” ( quote from Arts Arlington GO OUT DOORS NEIGHBORS!)

“Designs have emphasized local wildlife and environmental stewardship themes, or forms of healthful outdoor activity and companionship. Doors evoke inspiration, whimsy, irony, reflection, connection, curiosity, spirituality, local culture and history, and/or joy.”(quote from Arts Arlington GO OUT DOORS NEIGHBORS!)

“The Octopus Garden” by Jacky Pullman on the lawn of Robbins Library

“Flower Power” by Laurie Bogdan near Uncle Sam Memorial Statue

“Silver Linings” by Jason Rudokas and Laurie Bogdan on Minuteman Bikeway near Ed Burns Arena, The Importance of Art in Facing the Climate Crisis: Meet Jason Rudokas

“We Are Stardust” by Adria Arch at the Old Schwamb Mill

“Outdoor Music” by Jill Strait was in the park by Broadway Memorial Plaza

* “In 2021, Go Out Doors – Neighbors projects have continued to spread, with new art doors installed or planned in Carlisle, Westford, Concord, Arlington, Lexington, Medford, Groton, Minute Man National Historical Park, and eight villages in Newton including Auburndale; Newton Centre; Newton Highlands, Newton Upper Falls, Newtonville, Nonantum, Waban and West Newton.”(quote from Arts Arlington GO OUT DOORS NEIGHBORS!)

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