Public Art Personalities Greet the Season Together on Palmer Street in Harvard Square

Analog the Sphinx Dog (left) and Wapiti the Green Elk (center) recently joined Michelle the Blue Elephant (right) on Palmer Street in Harvard Square. *

All three stand with slender sturdy legs on narrow skis. All three are creatively constructed from various recycled materials, adorned with objects, and decorated festively. All three are called Skraelings by Bob Smith (of Minimum Wage Art), who describes them in the following quote:

“These being(s) are super heroes that are made from wood, metal, even plastic, all castoff materials from an overly materialistic society. Skraelings fight boredom and apathy in all dimensions of time and space.” ….(They are among)” more than twenty Skraeling sculptures made along the Alewife Brook at Arlington by a collaboration of friend artists, especially Nick Wyneken, who also has many individual works. Our art has no gallery but outside as free Public Art.” ( excerpt quote from Robert Smith, Facebook, Dec 8 ) Both photos in the Alewife Brook location are from Bob Smith: Wapiti the Green Elk and Harley the Wounded Unicorn Bison (left) ;Wapiti the Green Elk ( right)

For each of the three Skraelings currently in Palmer Street a colorful sign identifies a significantly named animal. Soundlessly they convey their distinct personalities. Music from the brightly painted piano or from performers at Club Passim (47 Palmer Street) at times enlivens their environment. Patient listeners, they remain on call at all hours. Positioned at social distance, they still seem aware of each other and poised to relate to visitors who want to get to know them. A walk around each one will reveal intriguing details, visible in photos ( below) from different viewpoints.

Wapiti the Green Elk

Analog the Sphinx Dog

Michelle the Blue Elephant

* Bob Smith noted in response to the current post, “This happened because of a chance meeting with Denise Jillson of the Harvard Square Business Association and concept and design help from Kyoko Ono.”

My post about Michelle the Blue Elephant from August 2021 offers related links and background about public art in Harvard Square. My hopes for 2022 include more posts about art on Palmer Street!




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