Neighbors, Nature and Time Play Great Parts in Art by Christopher Frost: Colony and Much More

November views of Colony at Spy Pond Park in Arlington, MA, October 2018 till September 2019

After two visits in the past month, I hope to make many more in the three seasons ahead before Colony leaves its maple tree on the Minuteman Bikeway. The photos in this post are mine but the links below will lead to more varied and vivid ones, including the installation process. The quotes below also give background about Christopher Frost and will suggest why I have seized the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for his spirited splendid sculpture!

Colony 2018, wood and paint, created by Basil & Chris Frost

“Arlington Public Art commissioned Christopher Frost to create a site-specific sculpture for PATHWAYS: Contemporary Art on the Minuteman Bikeway.  We asked Chris to think about our 2018 theme of birds and nature; we also encouraged him to bring his strong interests in architecture and play to conceptualizing a new work for Arlington.  The result is Colony, a charming sculptural city perched in a landmark tree near Spy Pond.” quoted from Arlington Public Art background about Colony

“Located on the Minuteman Bike Path, this piece is a cluster of domiciles, walkways and ladders in the sky. Some of the buildings are reflective of architectural styles; Gothic, Medieval, Mission, Classic New England, but the majority are simply fantasy.” quoted from Christopher Frost’s website description of Colony   

IMG_8229 Frost Colony

Newcomers to Colony

“Neighbors of Colony have been contributing to the sculpture, placing little figures on porches and walkways. We enjoy these additions and love the interaction between the artwork and visitors. To keep the piece fresh and ever changing we may remove items as they age and allow for new figures to arrive.” quoted from artist statement about Colony

A Mile From Any Neighbor, from Walden, in deCordova Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA

“The title of A Mile From Any Neighbor From Walden echoes the opening sentence of Henry David Thoreau’s 1854 Walden,…” quoted from description of this bronze sculpture (created 1999) in deCordova Sculpture Park overlooking Flint’s Pond in Lincoln, MA. Note first letters AMFAN above hat brim.

As a volunteer guide at deCordova since 2002, I have loved the way this small bronze piece makes big connections with history and nature. Like Colony, it invites people to look, laugh, talk and reflect.

Key Resources

Christopher Frost, artist website

Arlington Public Art: Colony

Arts Arlington, Colony

Wicked Local Arlington, October 4, 2018: Sequence of photos of Christopher Frost and his daughter Basil installing the art in their selected three-trunk maple tree

Your, October 2018: What’s behind new ‘housing’ near bikeway, Spy Pond? 

deCordova Sculpture Park: A Mile from Any Neighbor from Walden

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  1. Lovely! I can understand the urge to help populate the colony with little figures…


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