Elliott Kayser’s Art Adds Many Ways to Celebrate Year of the Pig along the Greenway

Eight lifelike, life-size terra cotta pigs, each representing a different native pig breed in China, have settled along the Greenway. Guided by a map, I found each one, informatively labeled, between the North End and Chinatown. I hope to keep visiting them as seasons change their surroundings and their interactions with people.

  “The year of the Pig brings with it good luck, intelligence, and prosperity. To celebrate the occasion, pig sculptures have been hidden along the length of The Greenway. ” (quote from artist statement by Elliott Kayser for Year of the Pig 2019 on the Greenway)

Pig sculptures made of terra cotta clay, flashing slip, soda fired

” Elliott is a sculptor and current resident artist at the Mesa Arts Center. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Alfred University in 2007, and his MFA in Ceramics from ASU in 2017. While between degrees, Elliott moved to Ann Arbor, MI where he worked at a ceramic tile company and volunteered on small family farms. His art over the past decade has been about the values learned in the fields, taking care of both the animals and the people within the agricultural community. “ (quote from Elliott Kayser artist website)

Key Resources

The Greenway Public Art: Year of the Pig 2019: Elliott Kayser

Elliott Kayser artist website

Elliott Kayser’s exhibit at Mesa Arts Center: Survival Instincts

Rose Kennedy Greenway Instagram


  1. Arlene T Rosengarten · · Reply

    Hi Deb, these are wonderful, it makes me want to do an oil painting of one of these. I will call you.


  2. […] For more links and further background about Elliott Kayser’s art, look at my post from last spring ( March 2019)  on Art Outdoors: ELLIOTT KAYSER’S ART ADDS MANY WAYS TO CELEBRATE YEAR OF THE PIG ALONG THE GREENWAY  […]


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