Madeleine Lord’s Sculptures Inspire Action in Boston and Beyond

Four of Madeleine Lord’s scrap-metal sculptures have enlivened the lawn of Federal Reserve Bank of Boston for nearly four years now. Through those years I have wanted to post about them but hoped to take better photos and learn more about the artist first. Earlier in November I got to admire more of her art in the New England Sculptors Association exhibition Spirit of Place at Castle Hill.  I still need to take good photos, but I can link you to strong ones on the artist’s website and two other sites listed below. Those sites also offer fascinating information about Madeleine Lord’s art and process, such as her statements here.

“I start with carefully selected scrap metal. My process is not unlike assembling a 3-D crazy quilt, where each scrap is interesting in its own right, but is redefined by inclusion to become something else entirely.  My hope is to create a multi-dimensional drawing where the pockets of air are as interesting as the pieces of metal that create them.” ( quote from Madeleine Lord’s website)

“I hope to engage a viewer with the fun of seeing the transformation of a bicycle handlebar to a stag’s antlers, a Victorian iron fence detail to the tail of a donkey. I also work with the metaphor, taking discards deemed useless to make something lively, present, fully realized.” ( quote from interview with Madeleine Lord in Boston Voyager, July, 2018)

Recommended Resources

Art & Life with Madeleine Lord  Boston Voyager, July 2018

M Lord  Sculpts  artist’s website

New England Sculptors Association,  Artist Gallery Listing: M Lord 

Spirit of Place, Exhibition at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, The Trustees May 18 – Nov 11, 2019

The Fed’s Metal Ostrich,part 2 of Boston’s Missing: Two Statues Find a New Home by Aline Kaplan in her Next Phase Blog. She recounts Madeleine Lord’s problem-solving adventure with this work of public art.


  1. Bernard Gurman · · Reply

    While I not at all familiar with Castle Hill, I am familiar with good sculpture and am delighted to see the sculptures by Madeleine Lord,all imaginative, and most whimsical Thanks for the showing.

    1. Thank you, Brad, for your enlightening, energizing comments!

  2. Intriguing and fun!

  3. Gold Barbara · · Reply

    Hi Deb,
    These are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.


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