David Fichter and David Phillips Honor Community Histories in Public Art

David Phillips is a sculptor; David Fichter is a muralist. With their distinctly different materials, both are masters of rendering historical figures and events. Both have created public art that is densely packed with researched images and documents. As public art, the expansive colorful mural and the tactile intimate bronze relief wait openly for anyone who wants to focus on some sign or scene and make their own associations.

After riding or walking by both these Cambridge sites too often without stopping, I do stop now, aware of how many surprising rewards they offer.

Celebrate the Coast in Cronin Park, since 2015

“A reconfigured Cronin Park located at the intersection of Pleasant Street, Franklin Street and Western Avenue includes a perforated stainless steel sculpture with light emanating from within, built on a granite base with a bronze relief located at the base of the structure, which features historic images of The Coast Neighborhood.” ( quote from Cambridge Community Development description of the Western Avenue  project)

The Area Four (the Port) Story, since 2009

“This mural is installed on the corner of Portland and Hampshire streets in the Port ( Area 4) in Cambridge. It illustrates the rich history of the Port, which is known for its social reformers like Margaret Fuller, Clement Morgan, and William Lloyd Garrison as well as its technology and inventors like Elias Howe who invented the sewing machine.” ( quote from David Fichter Mural Portfolio for the Port Story)

IMG_4646 (1) Area four mural crop

The Port Story mural viewed from across Hampshire Street

Key Resources

David Fichter, Mural Portfolio, The Port Story

Cambridge Development Department, Western Avenue, Celebrate the Coast Initiative

David Phillips Sculpture, Recent Works


  1. Judy Fosdick · · Reply

    The Cambridge community is fortunate to have these amazing pieces of public art, and the reading public is so grateful for you, Deborah, for bringing these pieces to our attention. Excellent work!


  2. Thanks, Deb, for sharing these two exciting works of public art!


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