David Phillips Links Earth and Sky at Maud Morgan Arts

The previous post showed Gail Boyajian’s “Bird Mosaic” in the memorial garden with David Phillips’ marking stone. This one leaps to the top of Maud Morgan Arts where his paintbrush-and-palette weathervane shifts directions with the wind. Then it takes in the whole building’s exterior design to identify other artists’ contributions that should get focus in future posts.

David Phillips’ Copper and Bronze Weathervane Designed as Artist’s Palette

The following link will take you to photos, sketches and plans for the weathervane, as well as proposed work by other artists creating work for the center when it first opened.

Artist/Architect Collaborative information and images for Breaking Ground exhibit 2009

“Maud Morgan Arts is a work of art in itself. Nine Cambridge artists collaborated with the architects Prellwitz Chilinski to create site-specific public artwork that inspires creative exploration in a playful learning environment. The light-filled studios, the integrated artwork, the landscaping, the colorful accent walls, and the attention to details all enhance the experience of making art. Maud Morgan Arts is vibrant with creativity.” ( quote from About Maud Morgan Arts, Architecture)

IMG_6470 Maud Morgan Art PCA

“PCA shepherded the project through a lengthy permitting process and a unique artist/architectural collaboration, recreating the form and residential scale of the historic carriage house to create an inviting entry and contemporary rear wing. Four professionally-outfitted studios, linked by central day-lit stairwell and mural wall, provide classrooms for children and professional workspace while high open ceilings create an artist’s studio ambiance. Whimsical flourishes throughout like “paintbrush” door handles, a palette-themed weathervane, and a diamond exterior paint pattern are designed to express the joy of making art and help make the building a work of art in its own right.”( quote from Prellwitz Chillinski Associates Website)

An event celebrating the first decade of Maud Morgan Arts in the spring of 2020 had to be canceled during the pandemic. The letdown, shutdowns, and other strange changes led me to review the center’s visible sustaining features. These also include Nancy Webb’s bronze bug inserts for paving, John Tagiuri’s paintbrush door pull, and Mitch Ryerson’s outdoor benches …to be continued, with luck.

Meanwhile, additional public art by David Phillips can be viewed on his website and on Art Outdoors posts I have done and more I hope to do someday soon.

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