Gail Boyajian’s Mosaic on the Ground Looks Up to Birds, Myths, Flight, and Sky

While museums and art centers must be closed, I’ve opened my eyes to art outside their doors. Today I’ll focus on “Bird Mosaic” by Gail Boyajian in the memorial garden to the right of the gate to Maud Morgan Arts in my neighborhood. Planned sequel posts should show and tell more about the art center and the garden (Mary’s Garden).

IMG_6460 Mosaic by Gail Boyajian

Bird Mosaic in Mary’s Garden

“This design was developed from a painting “The Bird Gods”. Birds were used symbolically in Greek mythology. Dove for Aphrodite, Crow for Apollo, Eagle for Zeus, Owl for Athena.” ( quote from artist’s website with image of the painting)

Approximately 9 feet by 2 feet, “Bird Mosaic” composed from stone, ceramic and glass tesserae (mosaic pieces) was installed in 2009.

Whether or not you can visit the site of”Bird Mosaic,” please visit Gail Boyajian’s website to view the beauty of her spacious paintings!

“Painting allows me to imagine everything that I care about in the same view, including buildings, people, animals and landscapes. I include references to art history as a way of reflecting on past ideas, ideals and cultures.” ( quote from interview with Gail Boyajian in Boston Voyager, August 2018, with many images of her art also )

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  1. Heli Meltsner · · Reply

    Beautiful mosaic. Thanks for alerting me to this now not so secret place.


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